And we are back in the digital world.

So after a non existent online presence as far as the website goes, we are finally back in the digital world. This mainly down to me being to busy with the brewery and taproom. It’s just about 18 months since we opened the doors to BeerRiff, and what an incredible time its been to. A massive thank you to everyone who has visited the taproom. The response has been over whelming, so much so that we can’t make beer quick enough to keep our beers on tap. The beauty of having 15 taps, is that we have been able to have over 300+ different guest beers hitting our taps from all round the world, which is quite frankly, epic. We have also had the pleasure of breweries like LERVIG, TINY REBEL, TENBY BREWING CO, & FREETIME take over our taps. We super lucky to have Lervig, Arbor ales, & Pressure Drop coming to visit again over the next few months.

From the brewery side, the focus has been to develop our core range of beers, and tweak them to be the best possible versions that they can be. That being said we also can’t keep up as you lot keep drinking it all, but fear not, we are extending our brewing capacity, with two new unitanks set to arrive in the next month, which means beers like Furr, our bastard lager, & Flamingo lingo tropical pale will be more regularly available. We are in the process of contracting hops for next year to guarantee that we can make the beers that you love to drink. A massive thank you to our brothers at Tenby Brewing Co who have been helping us out with certain hops, like Citra, without it, there would be no Flamingo Lingo.

Im not the best at this whole writing malarky but i’m going to make an effort to blog once a week, hopefully you’ll find it interesting, i’ll get better at this whole writing a blog thing. There’s lots of exciting things in the pipeline, that we can’t share with you just yet, but expect announcements soon. The webshop is live with epic new merchandise available.

peace out for now.


rhys pillai